Ever since I started to get a bit greener in my life I’ve been concerned about cleaning
products and the bottles most of them come in. I spent a tenner on a homemade
cleaner book which has loads of recipes for all types of cleaning but soon realized I’d
need an additional cupboard for all the environmentally friendly ingredients. The
good thing is that you can put your potions in old plastic commercial product bottles.
It’s best to reuse bottles with easy twist tops, some are very child and adult proofed!
Take care to label clearly.
So did I make any of my own. Only one!! The simplest and one that grandma used
to use.
All-purpose vinegar spray. You mix equal quantities of distilled white vinegar and
water, put into a spray bottle and use as a surface cleaner. Great for window
cleaning too. If you add a few drops of a citrus oil it takes away any vinegar smell.

I did, however, discover that Daily Bread just off the Bedford Road roundabout of the
A45 does a range of cleaning products where you refill your own bottle. You can
take along any bottle which has a capacity label, refill at the filling station and pay at
the till. They’re very cheaply priced. I get my washing up liquid and white vinegar
from there and other cleaning liquids available.
There is another place in Flore selling a wide range of dried foods, spices, coffee and
cleaning products, which customers can take home in their own containers. It’s a
lovely shop but a bit more pricey.

Cleaning Products

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