Bins are collected on Tuesdays each week and you should leave them on the kerbside by 7:00am on the day of collection. Please remember to take the bins back in at the earliest opportunity after collection.

Bins are collected on a fortnightly rota

Follow this link to see the collection calendar

If you sometimes have more domestic waste than will fit into your wheeled bin, please store some less offensive waste in a plastic sack until your bin has been emptied, then put it in your bin ready for the next collection. We will only take the contents of the wheeled bin with the lid shut and no extra bags.

Wheeled bins should not be used for:

  • Hot ashes
  • Heavy materials such as large amounts of soil, stones, car parts and rubble
  • Corrosive materials
  • Liquids such as paints or oils

Recycling – what goes where

Below is a list of the most common items that end up in a household bin, listed in which bin they should be placed. If the item you are looking for is not listed here please see

Small electrical items, mobile phones and batteries can be disposed of by placing in a bag and leaving it on top of your Blue Bin on collection day.

Blue Bin
Blue Bin

Green bin
Green Bin

Silver Food Caddy and Bin
Silver Caddy and bin

Black Bin
Black Bin

Magazines, Newspapers and paper


Cans and tins

Plastic bottles and containers

Plastic tubs, trays and pots

Drinks cartons

Tin foil and foil trays

Envelopes (including windows)

Glass bottles and jars

Phonebooks and catalogues

Chocolate and biscuit tins


Grass cuttings

Pet straw and untreated sawdust

Cut flowers

Small branches

Leaves and hedge trimmings


Leftovers and uneaten food

Meat and bones

Out of date/mouldy food (without wrapping)

Teabags and coffee grounds


Fruit and vegetables

Rice, pasta and beans

Cakes and pastries





bubble wrap


other items that cannot be recycled

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