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Thank you to all the residents that attended the public meeting.  Please find below information on how you can object to the Gateway proposal.

We need 1000s of objections to be heard!

Objections to the Northampton Gateway, SEGRO amendment

Closing Date for Consultation: 11:59 on 26th September 2022


We are advised you need to send SEPARATE and INDIVIDUAL letters or emails firstly to the planning inspectorate dealing with this amendment and also to Dame Andrea Leadsom (see contact details below).


Please quote “Northampton Gateway Rail Freight Interchange Project – Non-Material Change TR050006” on all correspondence.


  1. Send objections to the Planning Inspectorate:

By email to: Northamptongateway@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

In writing to: National Infrastructure Planning, The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House,  2 The Square Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN.


  1. Send objections to Dame Andrea Leadsom MP

By email to: andrea.leadsom.mp@parliament.uk

In writing to: 1 Victoria House,138 Watling Street East, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6BT

Please ensure that you include your name, and address including your postcode and email (if you have one) otherwise your letters and emails will not be acknowledged.
  1. You may wish to also send a copy of your objection to Grant Shapps MP Department for Transport

By email to: transportsecretary@dft.gov.uk

In writing to Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, Great Minster House 33 Horseferry Road London SW1P 4DR


We need all residents to respond strongly but letters must be individual, not a template/copy.  Below are some points you may find helpful to include.


  • I am writing to express my strong opposition to the proposed amendment requested by SEGRO to the original Development Consent Order (DCO) granted in October 2019 for the Northampton Gateway.


  • The SEGRO proposal is clearly in breach of the National Policy Statement for National Networks, the national Strategic Rail Freight Interchange policy and the DCO granted for the Northampton Gateway.  When this application was granted, it clearly stated that: ‘a rail terminal capable of handling at least four intermodal trains per day … must be constructed and available for use before the occupation of any of the warehousing’ and it specifically prohibited any commercial activity until the rail connection was operational.


  • This amendment would allow up to 80% of the site to become operational in advance of any rail connection, and therefore road serviced only, opening the door to the site operating in perpetuity without any rail connection.


  • We strongly object to the proposal being treated as a non-material amendment. It is clearly a material amendment and should be treated as such, not as a non-material amendment as proposed by SEGRO: the ensuing increase in traffic/noise and pollution would have a severe impact on both the local environment and local communities such as Blisworth, which already suffers with high levels of HGV traffic, particularly when the strategic road network is congested and traffic is diverted from the M1 through the villages.


  • Due to the significant change to use and the additional warehouse recently constructed in the area, we consider the traffic surveys and information provided in 2019 to be out-of-date and incorrect as it was assumed there would be a railhead terminal. We further urge you to request updated traffic, noise/emissions pollution data be provided as part of the DCO amendment request before any decision is made.


  • We believe that SEGRO is seeking to shift from a speculative build to a contract build operation and is seeking this change entirely for their own financial benefit.  They have been actively marketing these units from the start of this year, with the proposed occupation from Q4 2022 which is misleading and at odds with the original DCO.  SEGRO were fully aware of the constraints to the build when they took on the project.


  • [Strongly opposing/seeking your support to oppose] this amendment and ensure that the original DCO is complied with in full.  If SEGRO is allowed this amendment this would open the floodgates to other developers to adopt the same approach:  ignoring original commitments, bypassing local planning and flagrantly breaching national government policy.


We would be grateful if you could send a copy to the clerk so that we have an idea of the level of response.

Blisworth Parish Clerk, 48 Pond Bank Blisworth Northants NN7 3EL.  Email: blisworthparishcouncil@gmail.com.

Please contact the clerk if you require any assistance or advice.    Thank you from Blisworth Parish Council.

Please click on the link to obtain a copy of the above information and pass it onto friends, neighbours and family.  Contact details and information for objection


Blisworth is a thriving, picturesque village in South Northamptonshire situated 5 miles south of the county town. It has some 900 homes and an estimated population of 1870 (2010 village survey).
The West Coast Railway runs close to Blisworth and the Grand Union Canal passes through the village which extends from the famous Blisworth Tunnel, to the outlying residential areas of Blisworth Arm and Blisworth Park.
Village amenities include a primary school, a village shop with news agency and post office and two local pubs. Many small businesses surround the area, largely in discreet attractive business parks.

Blisworth Parish Council.

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