How many of you have ever caught a bus from Blisworth?  My guess is not very many.  If you have your own transport, why would you want to wait in the cold and rain for a bus, which may or may not turn up on time or even at all?  And if you do get on board, the chances are that the bus will not take you exactly where you want to go at the time you need.


Buses should be the transport of the future.   If everyone felt that catching a bus was an attractive option, think of how many individual car journeys could be saved.  If all buses were electric, the cost to the planet would be minimized even further.


If you can, please use the bus.  If you can’t, then please campaign for more, cheaper and environmentally friendlier buses which would encourage more people to use them.


Take a look at  if you want to find out more about sustainable transport.

Catching the bus

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