Wax wraps to replace cling film
I purchased some of these on the net a few months ago and use them almost all the
time. I have to admit to using cling film in the microwave. Anyway, I thought I’d
have a go at making some for Christmas presents and researched recipes. Whilst
some suggest using wax, I didn’t find that particularly satisfactory so I went with this
recipe which takes a bit of organizing but really worked. Whether I persuade my
daughters to follow my lead is another matter
Wax wraps

I found that it was best to slowly blend the ingredients. It seems a bit gloopy to start
with but eventually gets there. It’s essential to heat over a pan of hot water and
keep stirring. I found an old pan in a charity shop to do my mixing in. The pine resin
needs crushing but don’t use your special rolling pin or chopping board as it sticks
like glue and because it’s resin, hot water just makes it stickier!
These wraps are tackier that beeswax only wraps. The tackiness soon wears off and
helps to you to mould them around the dish you’re covering or your sandwiches.
They can be cleaned with warm water then folded ready to use again

Wax wraps

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